About Questionnaires

The Moderna galerija Archives Department has been systematically collecting, processing, presenting and keeping data and materials on 20th and 21st century visual arts in Slovenia since 1971.

To ensure that the presentation and chronology of art events in Slovenia and presentations of Slovene art abroad are accurate we have devised two questionnaires: Questionnaire – Organizer elicits information on exhibition organizing and Questionnaire – Artist personal information about artists.

The results of our work and research and of our past collaboration with the organizers who regularly informed us about their exhibitions and sent us primary sources were published in the journals Sinteza (Ljubljana) and M’ARS (Ljubljana) as overviews of exhibitions, and are accessible here.

This data is also included in art historical bibliographies (Zbornik za umetnostno zgodovino, Umetnostna kronika) and exhibition catalogues. The material is kept at our department or by the MG+MSUM library, where it is accessible for study purposes.

Drawn up in the mid-1970s, the Questionnaire – Artist was distributed to artists in printed form until the 1990s. The Questionnaire – Artist has now been updated and we hope you will go through it and fill it out in detail. Your answers will be accessible only for study purposes and with certain restrictions.